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Big-city brands and hometown history combine to make this locally owned boutique one of a kind and a must see shopping destination! Rich with the theme of an old textile mill, the brick and mortar store boasts a large black and white mural from the 1800's, as well as a silent black and white film that plays on the wall above the dressing rooms. Rusty, corrugated metal creates the backdrop for several clothing racks, made of metal pipes. Genuine leather purses hang from old pipes on a steampunked coat rack. Tables made of 100yr old barn siding and rusty metal carts from old factories hold a vast array of lotions, candles, socks, jewelry and more. A combination of Folk and Rock play, awakening the senses and further setting the mood of a tiny gap in time, where history, funk, boho and edgy style collide in a delightfully intriguing shopping destination. We'd love for you to stop on by sometime. There's a good chance you'll leave as friends and you'll surely leave satisfied. Until then, enjoy shopping with us online.