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Rich in authenticity, The Twisted String is themed around the
textile mills of the early 1800’s and the local history of South Bend Indiana’s Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet factory. Located just a few miles from the old Singer building, the brick and mortar boutique's decor is a refreshing step back into something worth remembering and the clothing is a welcome collection of unique, edgy styles that will have you stealing the show wherever you go. A mural of a young lady working in a textile mill graces the wall behind the checkout desk. The theme is carried throughout the store with fixtures made from original antique factory carts, tables made from 100-yr old barn siding, rusty corrugated metal from old barn roofs, singer sewing machines and a black and white silent film projected on the wall above the dressing rooms. If you get the chance, stop in and experience The Twisted String, where big-city brands and hometown history combine to make this locally owned boutique one of a kind and a must see shopping destination! Not in our neck of the woods? No problem! Enjoy access to our amazing styles right here on our website. We guarantee you'll love our quality and hope you appreciate our unique character.